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How do I sync Outlook notes with iPhone

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Hi everyone I'm looking for a way to sync Outlook Notes with iPhone 7. I recall iTunes was able to do that alongside with syncing contacts and calendars but now I simply can't find this option in iTunes anymore. Does anyone know how to bring it back? Is there any workaround to make iTunes sync notes again?

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As I do not use Outlook Notes and have no iPhone 7 I can make no suggestion. However, seeing that you have received no reply so far I venture to propose that you look at some of the ideas given in the results to this Google search:

How to sync Outlook Notes with iPhone 7


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Are you using MS Outlook with an MS Exchange Server account, or just using Outlook to fetch POP3, IMAP email, with your Contacts and Calendar only locally on your PC (via a .pst file)?


Also, are you looking for 2-way Sync (Outlook<>iOS and iOS<>Outlook), and continuous sync?


Have you looked at the iCloud Outlook support options? 


Get help using Outlook with iCloud for Windows

support.apple.com  |  Published Date: Mar 22, 2016

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