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100% henna and indigo powder for hair dyeing in Bangkok?

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Where can I find these products? Shop name and address would be very helpful.


Amla (Indian gooseberry) powder would be good as well.


With thanks.

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I eventually got 100% henna powder and indigo powder in a shop called "Jay Dee" in the little lane that runs alongside India Emporium, Pahurat. Jay Dee is directly in front of the India Emporium car park ticket booth. It was THB70 for a 150g packet of 100% henna and THB70 for a 50g packet of 100% indigo. Natural henna without additives will give a red tint - any other shade will contain toxic chemicals like PBB.


It's amongst a few dry foods grocers (rice and spices). There must be others but Jay Dee was the second shop after the first Indian grocers I tried (they were out of henna and indigo).


The proprietoress' is a friendly lady called Simmy and she shared how she prepares henna. However, I'm going to follow more precise instructions I found online which is closer to what it says on the packets. I'm giving the henna paste I made with green tea about 12 hours covered in clingfilm for the dye release. Since it will involve considerable time, mess and cleaning up afterwards over 2-3 days, I'm not taking chances of getting it wrong the first time. Want to make sure it keeps at least 4-8 weeks. In the meantime, I will be working on the endocrine dysfunction that's caused this sudden onset of grey hair in a short period of time.


For darker brown and black hair, henna and indigo should be done in a two-step process. Henna is what makes indigo bond with the hair. 



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I went to J & B hair salon supplies between Phetchaburi soi 31 and 33 on the main road  - they didn't have natural dyes but I managed to get a few odds and ends like large sectioning clips and claw clasps.


I browsed a few other items like hairdressing capes for customers and hairdresser aprons as I saw someone else asking. I'm not a hairdresser at all but I thought a customer cape might be useful for my little project but at THB450 it is not cheap. Better off buying off Aliexpress if in bulk.

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