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Jonathan Fairfield

Who’s in the wrong? Overtaking motorbike crashes into traffic cop who cuts across lane

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Exactly. Why is everyone saying both. It's the cop. The couple simply overtook the cars which isn't illegal. 

Disagree. Both are driving unconventionally ie 'against the norm' so should only do so with due care and attention. Bike was driving too fast - dangerous in built up area - what if cop was a kid crossing the road?
Both at fault, more on bike.

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The bike was going too fast and should not have been overtaking in the right hand lane. The cop was doing stupid stuff too.

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If any vehicles on that road at the time were driven by a farang or included a farang as passenger, then that farang is at fault.  If the farang had never come to Thailand, the vehicles on the road would have been in a different arrangement, so the collision never would have happened. (seriously, I've heard more than one  Thai give this sort of explanation for car accidents in Thailand, with a straight face) :smile:

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