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Residence Certificates - Chiang Mai

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On 10/25/2017 at 12:46 PM, NancyL said:

Yeah, it's really sad how old foreigners still come to Thailand for retirement, lured by the websites promising easy living on a budget, good medical care, welcoming people, good weather, etc, etc and then are hit by the reality when they deal with Imm. Chiang Mai and discover that they are responsible for paying a fine for a report that should have been filed by the owner of the place they rent.  Sad, so sad.  

IMHO it would have been sporting had  CM Imm gave 90 days notice before enforcing an old law on the books not necessarily enforced in other provinces. After owning my condo 8 years suddenly issued a "offense" and made to pay 1600 baht. A nice little earner I'd reckon must have added up to quite a stack of cash hope they use it for the new building renovation and not some Directors slush fund. 

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