Sygic (or similar) versus Google maps.

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I have been using Google maps for years here and have really appreciated them. However having made a few wrong turns around Srirachah recently (20 minutes detour the last one) due to the internet signal telling me to take the next exit just a bit too late, and rerouting sometimes taking too long to work,

I am now looking at Sygic:

Rerouting is instantaneous which I like and I like the map better too. It did freeze on me today but started working again as soon as I was moving forward again.

So, on Monday, overcast conditions blocked the GPS signal (I assume), same as sometimes happened back home with my Tomtom. Following up on this I realised that windscreen tinting affects GPS reception also. I also dislike the constant babble advising me on how fast to take a curve, about speed limits and about five words ending with something like "ARRRAAAAR" that I haven't deciphered yet, that pop up occasionally.

Anybody with experience of both apps?

How about battery usage? I can just about keep my iPhone topped up if the cable doesn't get dislodged, I imagine that using heads up navigation and real time traffic is an additional burden for battery life on Sygic?



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It sounds as if you may have voice navigation turned on and in a foreign language. The alerts it gives can be disabled for road numbers. The language can be changed, as well as the voice, and you can turn it off completely.

You can customise the distances, speeds sharpness of curves at which warnings sound or turn them off. 

I have HUD but not real time traffic as I run it on an iPhone with no SIM. I can't comment about battery life as mine is on charge in when in use.

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I've been using the Android TomTom app extensively this month. It did cost me GBP34 for three years use but this does include worldwide maps and real-time traffic updates (where available). I've found that it works pretty well.

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