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Birds fowling pool area

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There are no ways to persuade birds not to crap in the pool. Not only that, there will be problems with frogs jumping in and drowning in the pool when they can`t get out, insects and dust blowing in during windy days.


Only one solution, that is cover the pool when not in use with a tarpaulin or some type of waterproof plastic sheet.


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I've the same, but hardly a deluge of birdshit, even given the size of the pool/surrounds area. I've given up chasing them off. The Koi are big enough that they won't fit in the (comparatively small) Herons' nor Kingfishers beaks. Nothing deters them so just give in, let nature get on with it and hose off the guanao when watering the plants. They bugger off after breeding season anyway.

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Have hung up about 20 old CD's on to trees near the pool on 4 pieces of string and so far the bright reflections and sound  seem to be working - or of course it is possible that all the local birds are suffering from constipation.

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