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On 21/04/2017 at 3:42 PM, sandrabbit said:

In our garden in Rayong we mostly get oriental rat snakes & red necked keelbacks, the rat snakes always make a fast getaway but the keelbacks don't seem to care about people. We always know when there's a snake in the garden as the mynah birds (Thais call them buffalo birds) make a hell of a racket and follow the snakes around the garden, I was surprised how close they follow the snakes on the ground and sometimes even the sparrows get in on the act.


Those red ants are evil and seem to regard the mango trees as their property but for something small the bite don't half hurt!.

Best way to get rid of ants I have found is with borax  mixed with sugar into a paste and place it near the nest/trees.

I don't use any chemical  sprays.

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Rubber boots are a bit of overkill in most of my garden. Use Crocs but socks are a must because of Ants. Only the small red fire ants are a problem, when i locate a nest it is time for the boiling water. I keep that up along with a bit of excavation with a hoe for a day or two until all dead or they relocate. Otherwise trousers if not to hot. Cannot really get along with gloves, i need that 'hands on' feel' and take it slow, then you don't get bitten.


Finally, snails. Never heard of viruses but can get other parasites from them. I just crush them up and feed to my ducks or fish, In the lotus pond if they are golden apple snails (big ones) you need to hand collect them. If smaller ones get some carp - they love snails.

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