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Needed Documents for Renewing of Work Permit and Extension of Stay

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    I'm sorry as this question might have been answered several times, but I only want to make sure that I'm not missing one document that would make it impossible to do it within one day.


      The whole Immigration staff was changed, so I'm assuming it could be completely different to last year.


       I really forgot if i need a letter from the educational are office,  is the medical with syphilis check still up to date?


           Do I have to apply for my work permit first and then go for an extension of stay, a Non-B? 


             Thanks a lot in advance,


   P.S. So many things are constantly changing and some  older information on the net might not be helpful for me. 

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Dear Mods, thread can be closed. I've got the needed info from the local Immigration. Thanks. 

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