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Multi Non o 1 yr PENANG VISA TRIP begin april 17

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a short update


was in penang , to make non o multiple


we lived at the port in a beautiful apartment with sea and portview  and under a luxury shopping center super compare to hotels,90qm exclusiv  very high standard 2000 thb 

i like penang today more than before, even i liked it before


go morning to embassy , not used taxi ( i fed up) used my Grap app , cheap, freindly guys, perfect


waited 5minutes




normal document  +  bank min requierment 400k + married doc


visa fee was exprensive at 750 RMB ( i think or 650  not so sure)


next day drive with grab   to embasy pickup time 5minutes


nearly no people


no questions , no storys (my 5th non o in same passport)


..long time ago was always penang until they stopped ,i very happy  they issue again ,bcs dont need to go to the dschungel savanket and isaan



penang always worth a holiday ... so i stayed  a week  even

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It's 750 Ringgit, which is a little over the odds at 5800 Baht.  But I too prefer Penang, was there last month for my multi-O, quick, efficient, no problems.

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