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Actress Napapa “Pat” Tantrakul clarifies the source of her 1.9 million baht in a bank account

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4 hours ago, Sydebolle said:

You simply cannot invent such rubbish; the wannabe actress with the BIG FARANG COLOURED LENSES launders money on behalf of her husband named after a car brand?

Off to the pub; this calls for an earlier than usual start ........ 

1.9 million wow what a jackpot. Give up money laundering its not lucrative in your case. 

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11 hours ago, Misterwhisper said:

Too funny. Last month she insisted the amount in question was earned by herself from her "entertainment business". Now she suddenly claims it was deposited into her account by her husband.


But maybe she meant she provided "entertainment" to her hubby and got paid for it. After all, she allegedly IS an actress.  

She also needed extra time to find out how her money reached her bankaccount. She needed several weeks to investigate it.


Guess Thai bankaccounts don't show where the money came from?

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There seems to be no law here against lying to the police or court. I guess authorities can empathise. Also, can spouses destify in a court of law against each other in Thailand? If they can, he's going down quicker than she'll know how to spend his money. 

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How quickly people forget the release of documents detailing all those avoiders and launderers who put their money in the cayman islands.

This actress is guilty of not having enough money to take advantage of such 'vehicles' unlike eg the father of the uk's previous pm and other guardians of our democracy and its supposed systems of fairness.

IIT would appear donald hasnt lodged a tax return since adam was a boy other than an extract of one..yes one.

Sorry to upset people but this sort of thing is rife everywhere in the world.

If anything thais lack the sophistication in concealing their earnings and the sources of these earnings compared to what goes on in the west.

Reading this forum one could be excused for thinking that like bad driving, cowardly attacks etc etc thailand alone does these things.

Increase taxes and pay for the infrastructure to monitor and administer these excesses and who knows.

We all live here because it is cheaper and/or better than where we hail from

Give and take is in play here.


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