Monks defrocked after drinks party in the woods

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2 minutes ago, worgeordie said:

If you go down to the woods today,you're sure of a big surprize.

defrocked,off to next temple,join again,no problem.

regards worgeordie

Maybe this is the group that were caught and defrocked last year. That group vowed to move to another temple and keep drinking 

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Way too many monks in Thailand, but they're needed to make up the numbers required for ceremonies: 9 for homes, 10 for funerals etc. At the way too many ceremonies I've been to I'd say the general formula is (Starting from the furthest left monk): Head monk(knows his shit, might even believe his shit), devoted monk, devoted monk, trying hard/no options, scumbag, scumbag, drug dealer, gangster, gangster, drug user. >_>

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On 2017/4/21 at 7:16 AM, overherebc said:

Never worn a frock myself.

Reminds of the American lady who asked the Scotsman, is anything worn under your kilt?  Nah, he replied, it'a all working just fine, put your hand up and check. She does and exclaims my god that's gruesome, put it back he says, it's grew some more.


 the Scotsman said, "This American lady sucks"

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