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Phetchabun Immigration.

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Visited for the first time today.

Better than a 5 hour round trip to Phitlok.


New Office and it seems they are still "bedding in" judging by the fact it took over an hour to be processed for my annual "extension based on retirement" and a re-entry permit. The Office was empty except for one other "customer".


The first noticeable difference from previous visits to Phitsanoluk was additional paperwork regarding various "rules & regs" that I had to sign as acknowledging "do & dont's" for Aliens. I also had to draw a map to my home.


Next they insisted that my wife gave a copy of her tabien bahn, despite me having my own (yellow). She also had to sign a form confirming I lived there along with a copy of her ID. She was then reminded that she must report my presence within 24hrs of me arriving at the home if returning from overseas trip.


I was then given a leaflet of all the do's and dont's" .


Paperwork completed, stamps issued I was then reminded that I had to report in 90 days and that despite the stamp in my passport the 90 day clock was reset on the issue of the extension. 

I asked for a 90 report form and was told "you dont need one" just come with your passport, unless submitting by post. I enquired about reporting online and was "no cannot".


Rather slow, slightly dis-organised but generally a painless experience.



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I went end of last month for 1 year extension. I was first in the office and was all done in 20 minutes. The only additional thing they ask for was that I draw a map on how to get to my house.There was a small computer problem the system shut down 2 times> Had to try and take my picture 3 times.  But were very polite and made me feel at ease and did their best to get it done so I could get on with my day.Still getting organised but appears to be a very good office.

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Don't sound too bad to me,  more hoops for marriage extension.


Going Suk office soon for 1 year extension for marriage will post if any changes.


Been for 90 day twice and wanted passport, 90 day T47 report form, copy of passport with copy of extension page and previously given 90 day notice.

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