Thailand visa VOID / Rejected tourist visa 60 days

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Indeed, it is true that there is a trend of mass rejection(s) [VOID stamping]

of Tourist Visa applications at the Thai Embassy New Delhi, for various reasons.


Some reasons are justified, and others, not so justified.

Yes, there is an inherent component of racism, again, partly justified, but mostly, not justified.


Basically, the embassy is scrutinizing each Indian applicant in any and every dimension possible.


It is most likely your financial well-being (or apparent lack thereof) that lead them to void your visa.


Do not attempt to make a 2nd Tourist Visa application on the same passport,

as this will most definitely lead to another VOID stamp.


It is better to get a Visa-On-Arrival (VOA) instead, however, this will only allow you 15 days.


If you must make a second tourist visa application, do it on a different passport.


However, I would not be surprised if the embassy has flagged your personal details,

to prevent applicants from using a new passport in an attempt to get a fresh visa, after a VOID result on a previous passport.

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