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Weekend Golf in Pattaya

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I've been thinking of taking the children ( both reasonable golfers ) for the occasional hit early on Sunday mornings, but the prospect of a 5 to 6 hour round of golf behind a 5 ball doesn't really appeal to me.


Do any posters play regularly at the weekends, is it 5 hours for a round??



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I play regularly at the weekends, but always ensure i get the first tee time. Currently it is 6.07am but can get off earlier if the light permits. The 1st 9 i am often around in 90 mins, whether it is a quick round or not depends on how quickly you can get off the 10th and whether the marshals actually try and keep play to a decent pace. It is rarely over 4.30 hours though. Try and find a course which only lets players off the 1st although these are becoming harder and harder to find. Conversely try teeing of later in the afternoon or as the heat of the day is coming to an end. (i.e get off before the afternoon golfers so you are first out)

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