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large Deductible Health Insurance

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I want health insurance but I want a big deductible.  So i want to have a 100,000 baht deductable (or higher) but have coverage for catastrophic illness or injury.



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I had exactly that in the USA a few years ago and it was an inexpensive policy, and did exactly what I wanted.  I am not worried about a 10,000 USD bill.  I am only concerned about a big ticket illness or injury.  OBamacare made such policies illegal and while the policy itself was grandfathered and I did not have to use the Health.gov sites, they unilaterally changed the terms of the policy and raised the rates > 30% every year.  Now in Thailand. the BUPA site has a few options you can explore.  Deductible doesn't quite seem to be something they talk about though.  They give you options for total amount of coverage, plan limits, and some intermediate coverage values, but I didn't see anything about the concept of a deductible

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