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Improvement Required for Municipal Abattoir, Says Hua Hin Mayor

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Improvement Required for Municipal Abattoir, Says Hua Hin Mayor




The Mayor of Hua Hin Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul chaired a meeting to follow up progress to improve and develop the municipal abattoir in Hua Hin.


Also attending the meeting were the deputy mayor of Hua Hin Ms. Bussaba Choksuchart, the permanent secretary of the municipal office Mr. Jeerawat Phrammanee and the director of the Public Health and Environment Division. The group has been monitoring improvements to the municipal abattoir.


The Health and Environment Division has included improvements in the municipal development with an increased budget allocation. According to Doctor Kasem Weerawong, the slaughterhouse was formerly below required standard however all meat processed there is clean and is tested weekly by the municipal veterinary team and the committee members from Prachuab Khirikhan Provincial Office.


Improvements and development of the abattoir will follow the requirement of Thailand’s Act of Slaughterhouse Control of B.E. 2559 (2016), which provides stricter measures for meat processing and cleaning. The budget for the work will be divided into two categories. The first concerns renovation of the abattoir itself, costing 1,540,000 THB. The second is about installing new machines valued at 3,400,000 THB. The renovation is now complete however a further six months will be required to install all the machines.


Source: http://www.huahintoday.com/local-news/improvement-required-municipal-abattoir-says-mayor/

-- © Copyright Hua Hin Today 2017-5-4

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reminds me years ago i was outisde eating pork fried rice--i heard a sound that

put fear into me..i asked what the building was and that sound--the abbattoir!!!


My job is cooking but paul mcartney said if they were made with glass walls we

would all be vegetarians...i dont doubt him..ignorance is bliss in this case....:sick:

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Talking about Macca, why do they make Linda McCartney sausages and burgers taste of beef?

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