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Thailand Golf Expo 2017

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Thailand Golf Expo 2017




Thailand is seen as one of the best golf destinations in Asia where it homes over 200 stunning golf courses and golf resorts throughout the Kingdom. Out of these, 160 are run by private companies and around 40 belong to public and state enterprises. Golf business in Thailand nowadays attracts inflowing numbers of foreign investments due to competitive pricings in green fees and other related services.


Recent surveys have found that more and more overseas golfers have increased their interest in playing golf in Thailand. Average spending per golfer is expected to be not to be less than THB 4,000 per day. Overall, golf course business in Thailand has tendency to grow about 10% including playing golf amongst Thais, especially when seen as a family activity. Golfing today thus expands its market coverage to include every age-range from youngsters to seniors.


This year, N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. (NEO), strongly supported by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced this exhibition with a comprehensive range of golf products, services and destinations as the Thailand Golf Expo to help boost golf tourism in Thailand.


The show not only supports making Thailand a hub of exhibitions in golfing and golfrelated products/services, but also encourages a trading atmosphere through business matching, in which TAT will be inviting over 200 regional traders to the show, aiming to develop it to be the biggest exhibition for golfers in Asia. Hua Hin golf courses will be amongst the exhibitors. For more information visit www.thailandgolfexpo.com


Source: http://www.huahintoday.com/golf-sports-news/thailand-golf-expo-2017/

-- © Copyright Hua Hin Today 2017-5-4

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Did anybody attend and can comment on what it was like?

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I attended, about 10 small golf shops, 4 or so clothing shops, about 50 golf courses selling vouchers, and a couple of academies. Overall not really worth the visit, it was very small, did it all in about 15 minutes. There was a Diving (as in ocean diving) expo on at the same time in the same room and it was 2-3 times the size of the golf.

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