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Massage shop in Pattaya offering more than your average massage

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Massage shop offering more than your average massage

By Online Admin -




PATTAYA: -- At around 6:30pm on April 13th, Good Friend massage shop on 3rd Road was lucky enough to be visited by Pattaya police, after reports suggested they were offering some “special” services.


Armed with 3,000 baht, undercover police entered the shop posing as regular customers. The were greeted by the owner, 35 year old, who ushered them in to to choose from one of the nine lovely ladies that were available.


After discussing price and services available, the police felt that they had enough evidence to raid the business.


Back up entered and all 3 floors were checked.


Police found there to be 6 private rooms upstairs, in which customers could relax whilst enjoying their massage and anything else that may or may not have been agreed.


The owner strongly denied that any funny business would take place under her control and insisted that customers got nothing more than your basic massage. Police, however, did not believe the story and were convinced that illegal activity was taking place at the venue.


With the evidence that they had already collected, they felt that they had enough to be able to arrest the owner and set a court date where she will face charges.

-- © Copyright Pattaya One 2017-05-15

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Do they actually believe these raids are good PR?

Maybe my "intelligence" is just better than the Thai police 'cause I know a soi or three that is full of happy massages ?

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