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Two women injured as motorbike hits pickup head-on on Patong Hill

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Ron19    57,798
On 5/16/2017 at 3:33 AM, smedly said:

yes and the truck was obviously on the wrong side of the road as I have said already


and for the person that made the smart comment..............you are obviously not from Phuket....why should that make a difference, I have been to Phuket and all over Thailand


If it was up to me based on the horrendous track record and horrendous death toll on Phuket roads I would impose an absolute  strict 30kph speed limit on the whole Island with extreme penalties for those that  don't conform.....there are just too many people losing their lives on the island, it has got to be the worst in Thailand by a country mile


30kmph all day every where no exceptions strictly enforced  .......countless lives saved and an added 10mins to anyones journey 


Screen shot, not video.


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