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British shoplifting team rounded up after drone theft in Samui

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British shoplifting team rounded up after drone theft in Samui



Picture: Thai Rath


SAMUI: -- A gang of British shoplifters were soon in custody after stealing an expensive drone from a shop in the Mae Nam area of Koh Samui.


Then they tried to bribe police for their freedom.


The team - one of whom was identified by a passport as hailing from Hackney in London - were found at a 10,000 baht a night resort.


Police said they had plenty of evidence.


On Sunday evening just after 9pm the four men went into D-Game and Toy and asked to see the most expensive drone in the shop. It was worth 50,000 baht.


After agreeing on the price the lone sales assistant was given a credit card for payment. She went to the back of the shop to run it through the machine but it was found to be unacceptable.


While she was sorting this out the four men  took the drone and fled in a Toyota Fortuner parked outside, reported Thai Rath.


But after the owner filed a complaint with CCTV evidence the gang were soon rounded up. A video of the four men involved being interviewed by police with witnesses was posted on Facebook on the Channel 3 news page.


Channel 3 said they were British with one passport identifying one of the men as a Londoner. They said they were staying at a 10,000 baht a night hotel and had tried to bribe the police to let them go.


Source: Thai RathChannel 3

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-05-16
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