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Greeks join nationwide strike over new round of bailout reforms

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sirineou    4,344
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5 hours ago, JAG said:

A lot of what you say rings a bell, in fact it sounds like wake up time in an alarm clock factory!

Can't put my finger on just where at the moment...

 I hear you brother. 

Fortunately in our countries . at least in mine  the US there are strong institutions that are designed to regulate such behavior.

Greece having come from under a 400 years of Ottoman occupation did not have such strong regulating institutions that were easily usurped.  Such strong institutions are important not only in regulating those who are willingly  engage  in such negative behaviors , but also assist those who do not willingly want to but are forced  to in order to survive.

I remember being in a certain country.(i will not mention where out of respect for it's wonderful people) and waiting for the bus, I was used to waiting in a line for an orderly and fair  process, When the bus arrived everyone would rush the bus and I would be left not getting on, or not getting a seat squeezed by the door, after a couple of time I learn, I too rushed the bus. I am sure many others did not want to also, but had to, in order to survive in an unregulated system.

Anyway, I hear the drum beat of deregulation to promote job growth, and I see attempts by political "strongmen" to weaken some of the institutions that have served us so well for so long.

 An unregulated system will pursue a race to the bottom.

 You allow the shirt factory to go to Mexico  in an unregulated or less regulated system with lower  wages, and I who want to stay home and make my shirts have no choice but to go also, or stay home and go out of business.

Remember the slaves in the south all had jobs.



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