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Hi Jake, good to hear things progressing nicely, to add a bit of info from our limited experience, we're always learning, there is quite a bit of difference in growth rates comparing pond production to tank production, and less feeding costs in pond production, my wife uses both methods, however tank production has some benefits in that (in the case of red claw) they're more marketable to sell for aquariums due to their more favourable (bluefish)colour, thus attaining a higher price (up to 250 per crayfish size dependant) although in last 6 months prices have dropped from as much as 500 per cray.
pond raised tend to have a more unattractive brownish colouring so not so favourable for aquarium sales and depending on size and area reaching from 300-500 per kg.
An earlier question relating to registering is correct, although haven't heard of the police fine, I'll have to check with the wife where, but I think it's the govt department of fisheries that should be notified, a site inspection normally follows before registration is confirmed.

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Can confirm your statement.
I talked with my gf, she works at department of fisheries (administration).
She said the crayfish is alien species and the reason for registering at your local DOF is to make sure they not escape to the wild.
You also have to confirm not release them into the wild intentionally.
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Because we are part of the kings project our registration is through them, they do it all for you, my wife just had to send our address ect to them, they have been to our place a few times now,

They held a seminar in our village and brought people round our place,

Hope this makes things clear

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A couple of more pictures my wife sent me this morning




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