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“Trainspotting” sequel coming to Bangkok

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“Trainspotting” sequel coming to Bangkok

By The Nation




Danny’s Boyle’s cult hit “Trainspotting” made back in 1996 has never released officially in Thailand, though it has been screened at film festivals and was available on the bootleg video cassettes that were popular among movie buffs.


Now the long-awaited sequel “T2” is coming to Thailand. Made two decades after the original with Boyle still in the director’s seat, it features the original cast. “T2” will be released in Thailand only at House RCA on June 1.


Sony Pictures Thailand originally planned to release “T2” in Thailand on March 17 but cancelled, removing the film from the line-up.


Fans who had been waiting to see the film were understandably angry and posted a petition on www.Change.org calling on the distributor to bring back the film to Thailand.


Weeks passed without any response then arthouse cinema House Rama on RCA posted the good news that the film is back and will be screened there.


“Trainspotting” was Boyle’s second movie and send Scottish actor Ewan McGregor to stardom for his portrayal of heroin addict Mark Renton. His two best friends, also junkies, were Sick Boy (Jonny Lee Miller), a snappy dresser obsessed with James Bond, and Spud (Ewan Bremner). The three hung out with Begbie (Robert Carlyle), a borderline psychotic. Renton then moved to London to start a new life but it isn’t long before his friends turn up on his doorstep and he descends back into a nightmare of 0drugs and crime.


 “T2” begins 20 years after the events of the first film when Renton returns to Scotland to make amends with Spud and Sick Boy. However, the trio must avoid Begbie, who has just been released from prison.



Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/life/box_office/30315668

-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-5-19
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8 hours ago, Bulldozer Dawn said:

Seen it already.  Dreadful.  Don't waste your time and money to catch it at the cinema.

An suprised by this, everyone who has mentioned it to me from the UK has really enjoyed it. Obviously subjective.


Will try and go and see it anyway even if just for nostalgia. Being a young teenager when the original came out will probably bring back some good memories from the old days.

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