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Type B cancel - 7 days to leave or not?

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I am finishing employment and my Type B visa and WP will end on 31 May.  I was under the impression you are given 7 days to leave the country and will not be penalised if you do so.

However, my company's legal/visa agency - Deloitte no less - tell me I MUST leave before the date of my cancellation.  There is no 7 days period post cancellation.  This causes a huge disruption as I am still working up to my last day.

Can anyone tell me if Deloitte's advice is totally wrong?  Is there a "leave within 7 days" policy still?




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Unless you work for a BOI company it is not automatic. You can go to your local immigration office, pay 1,900 baht, and they will give you an extra 7 days to leave the country. Take your termination letter to immigration when you apply.


Technically your permission to stay becomes void on the day your job ends.

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Note that you can apply for the (denied) extension ,and get 7 days to leave the country, a couple of days early if you have the termination letter that states the last day of employment.

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