Ex-U.S. Congressman Weiner pleads guilty in teen 'sexting' case

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3 hours ago, wgdanson said:

Yeh, the head of his knob was thinking.


Give the man a ciiigar

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13 hours ago, bendejo said:

He didn't even get face-to-face meet-ups, much less get his weenie wet, with the stuff he was doing, and it cost him his career, his marriage, his political standing, and now faces possible prison time.



Before all this he was the new hope of the Democratic Party, outstanding among the gaggle of callow candyasses.



LOL. The Dems did need somebody to rescue them from the morass of their own making. However, Weiner seems more like  typical Dems politician, so never going to be him.

Look at the farce maquerading as  political party- the DNC was/ is full of corrupt people. They sabotaged Bernie, and gave debate questions to HRC. HRC herself- awful candidate, terrible campaign, but it's all "the Russians" fault. The other Dems melting down over each and any possible thing- do they actually believe any of the garbage they are spouting?

They do need a saviour, but none around at present.

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A real life fictional character.

Name is Weiner.

Repeated sex scandals. 

Reputed for his real bigness. 

Also known as Carlos Danger.


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