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Jonathan Fairfield

Young people 'most likely to go abroad without insurance'

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Young people 'most likely to go abroad without insurance'


About 40% of young people go abroad without travel insurance, risking medical fees of thousands of pounds if they are taken ill, a survey suggests.


The Association of British Travel Agents surveyed 2,043 Britons and found those aged 18 to 24 were the most likely to go abroad without insurance.


It comes after the family of a South Yorkshire traveller in Thailand had to raise £32,000 for his medical care.


Overall a quarter of UK travellers are thought to go abroad without insurance.


In 2015, 35-year-old Craig Lindley, from Barnsley, fell ill while celebrating a friend's wedding on a Thai island.


Full story: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-39978665


-- © Copyright BBC 2017-05-20

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I first time visited Thailand at age of 23 and since then , 6 years later, Im still here. And never spent a single day here without insurance. With situation on the roads, level of maintenance of everything here and general approach to safety here its just too risky. 


I would rather save money on cheaper hotel or eat cheap thai food, than saving it on not having insurance.

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14 minutes ago, Kabula said:

I was an independent insurance adjuster for 30 years. For many years I worked for the insurance companies, but in my latter years I couldn't stomach it anymore so I started working for the policyholder.  The insurance companies even nitpicked my bills. 

Yes I have noticed a lot of nit picking by my health insurance company over the last couple years. Years ago you could burn a hole in your couch and claim and get a new one. 

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I agree with Kabula and I worked in insurance also and see that industry has so much fraud...not all companies...and yet challenging to discern who is trustable.    

I have lived here for 15 years in CM and have never had regular insurance much less travel insurance any time.   When I was young did I not get traveler insurance either...never felt good about any company.    

Here ,I have paid out-of-pocket for stem-cell treatment,  orthoscopic knee surgery, and minor boo-boos totally about 245,000 Bht or $7,000.  

Using this approach (which works for me),  I am urged by myself to see my optimal health through awareness in eating, sleeping, breathing, the sunshine, exercise and more.    

I also have saved a lot of money which I invest in more healthy ways of living.   This takes courage and trust and acceptance that I may have made a mistake but I cannot see sending money to insurance companies when I can use instead to upgrade my healthy life.

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I always get travel insurance when we stay in Thailand but have never felt they would payout if I got really sick. Knowing the health system in Thailand really helps. Wife has me on the government health care system; have use it several times for dental work and its really good and amazingly cheap. But we live up country in a rural area and can imagine the costs can be astronomical if you are in a tourist area and visit a private hospital. Thailand is now only really cheap if you live in a rural area.


Regarding insurance in general, it's always worth remembering why you have it. The idea being it will pay out when something terrible happens. If you are in the situation where you can cover the costs in the most extreme situation then you don't need insurance. If you got ill and could cover the costs of a government hospital and you feel modern day insurance wont pay out if you got ill, then maybe its not worth having? Then there are the age limits; above 55 years of age the insurance becomes very expensive, and if you have an existing condition even more so?


I also observe that the same doctors and specialists work at the government and private hospitals, and private rooms are available at extra cost at government hospitals so you might ask why would you use a private hospital? The only downside of the government hospitals is they can get busy at times.


So I am sitting on the fence with travel insurance as I always pay it, have never claimed, and expect it would be a nightmare trying to claim if I was really sick. I think mine has an excess of several hundred pounds anyway.


Which then comes back to the risk factor; do dangerous things and you might have an accident. 22 years on and off living in Thailand teach you to lookout for accidents. Riding a motorbike in city areas increases the chances phenomenally. diy around the house needs you to take of your safety. even walking around and looking what you stand on; old rusty nails and nasty creepy crawlies! jumping off cliffs into the sea or into waterfalls; now you are asking for it!

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