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British dual nationals asked to change names when applying for a new British passport

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here is an update. i am going to have to change his name in the UK by deed poll. Luckily this is not as complicated as I first thought as it does not have to be an enrolled deed poll for a passport.


However. It now transpires that as my son's Thai passport has run out, they will not give him a new passport unless I am there to sign. There is (apparently) a consent form I can send (there is mention of it on the TMFO website with a clickable link that does nothing), but I am having no luck tracking that down, and I am unsure if it can be notorized (as requested) in the UK or whether that has to be done in Thailand. This I will need to do for both of my sons, so I am hoping the one form will suffice.


If anybody has experience of this I would be grateful for any pointers

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Here is a reply I have had off the British Embassy in BKK. I have asked them where I can find the rule that states this about the middle names as I was asked to supply this for the passport office, and have not been able to get anybody to point me to this rule/law


Dear Mr Neil,


Thank you for contacting consular section at British embassy Bangkok dating 3 March 2018.

Further to your email, for Thai people you are only allow to have one middle name. since the name on UK birth certificate have two middle names. It would cause him the difficulty in confirm his identity. You may consider change the name by deed poll. This is because one person supposed to have the same name no matter wherever they live. If your son going to travel to the UK he will also need to Thai passport in order to leave the country. And if the name not match he won’t be able to leave the country.


I’m really sorry but the only solution that you have at the moment is to change your son name.


Yours Sincerely,


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Out of interest i thought I would show you this email from the passport office too. As you can see there is no mention of changing the UK name by deed poll, though it does mention proof from th eother country. This is why I have asked the British Embassy to supply me with information about where this evidence is available as they seem to know it. The bottom part about "own merit" is frightening in the extreme. Too many variables that could go again'st you



Thank you for your enquiry regarding your son's passport.


Customers who hold a foreign passport in a name which differs to the British Passport application must align this before applying for their UK passport.

HMPO is aware that this may not be possible for citizens of some countries due to laws prohibiting changes of name.

You should submit evidence from the authorities of the relevant country to confirm the name on the foreign passport cannot be changed.

If no such letter can be provided, you should set this out in writing and HM Passport office will consider each case on its own merits.




Thank you,


Customer Service E-Mail Team

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