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Transport out of Khao Lak?

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What's the deal-io?


Transport companies run minibuses, etc from Khao Lak to places or basically get back into Surat Thani and go from there?


I am wondering about a direct route from Khao Lak to Koh Lanta.


Will probably take that route. I don't mind to get to Surat and then get to Krabi and stay overnight before Lanta early morning but if there's a minibus type trip that does direct to Lanta that could be a good option.


Does this even count as 'south'? Didn't feel it belonged in Islands forum or Krabi obviously :P

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I would think there would be buses running south from Khao Lak.... so rather than heading to Surrat, head south... perhaps direct buses to Krabi.(?) ... perhaps you have to change in Phuket?

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there is a slow Bus running through Khao Lak to the Phuket Bus terminal, from where you can get one (or a van) to Krabi or to Trang.

I don't think there is any direct transport option between those two places, it will always involve changing Buses / vans at Phuket or at least Krabi town.

To get to Koh Lanta is actually quite a hassle still until today, which is probably the main reason why the place is still rather serene and not overcrowded....

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