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Pattaya confirms big changes for beach chair vendors

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Pattaya confirms big changes for beach chair vendors


PATTAYA:--Pattaya has confirmed new rules for beach chair vendors that will see them kicked off the sand two days a week and confined to smaller spaces the rest of the time.


Pattaya City Council Chairman Anan Ankanawisan and other board members informed the unhappy umbrella dealers of the final rules promulgated on military orders June 1.


Vendors now will be limited one 63-sq.-meter block of sand – instead of renting multiple 49-sq.-meter parcels – on both Pattaya and Jomtien beaches. Whether those vendors will be subject to annual lottery draws to keep their spaces – as proposed earlier – was not announced.


To keep the beach tidy, vendors will be barred from putting out chairs until requested by a customer. They also will have to remove all their chairs, umbrellas and other property from the beach Tuesday night and bring it back Friday morning.


Currently, chairs are banned on Wednesdays, but vendors can stack their belongings near the footpath.

The new rules – part of the military’s push to eliminate private use of public property and restore beaches to a more-natural state – were condemned by the chair dealers.


Read more: http://www.pattayamail.com/news/pattaya-confirms-big-changes-beach-chair-vendors-177207

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One way to up the trade at the local hospital and medi tourism. Sunstroke kills you know.


But is it a case of trying to keep the tourists on the resorts, so they will not see the appalling mess the country is in?


So its Airport (Corrupt) Road to Resort (The Killing Fields) Resort (Prison).

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we have several jet ski dudes who rope and hoist all their chairs into a tree everynight..the fact they care gives me hope... city comes by more often to sweep and p/u the littler....small steps..

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On 6/10/2017 at 0:16 PM, pegman said:

The chair vendor on Jomtien Beach I have gone to for years have been there over 30 years. Which I would think was long before you came along. Thailand has hundreds of miles of isolated beaches. Why the hell did you not choose to settle by one of them? 

There were no chairs there 30 years ago though

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