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Laem Son National Park in breach of the National Park Act

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The National Park Headquarters of the Laem Son National Park, at Bang Ben beach, Ranong, have thousands of shells in the construction of the national park building/s.


I've attached a couple of photos.  Anybody can go and see for themselves, once they've paid the 200 baht of course.



B.E. 2504:

Section 16     Within the national park, no person shall :    (3) Take out animals or do by any means whatsoever things endangering the animals :


Section 4     (4) “Animal” means all kinds of animals including all parts thereof, and things obtained from or produced by the animals



I wouldn't usually notice or care about this sort of thing, but I did think it odd that a National Park would do this, and I've read about other people being prosecuted for this - remember the tourist lady who was charged and jailed (because she couldn't pay the bail money) because she picked up a shell from the sea floor whilst on a snorkeling/diving trip?  What about the Muktawan 1 meditation facility at Koh Yao Noi who were charged for breaching a different act (Wild Animal Reservation and Protection Act B.E. 2533regarding the dead coral they had collected and used in decoration (not in or anywhere close to a national park, by the way)?



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