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Where is the speed trap Kk?

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On 6/21/2017 at 8:54 PM, KhunBENQ said:

Brings up a question:

is there no system here of accumulating/earning "points" for major traffic offenses?

Seems not.


In my last country a really excessive speeding fine would earn you a point and driving ban for a specific time (driving license confiscated/revoked).

More consequences when collecting too many points.



Yes but you would require a Thai DL to accrue points yes? I dont know if other countries are as flexible with international DL"s. I have been driving here since '98 with my Aussie driving license how they gonna put points on that? An before anyone gets snooty im offshore so im 5 on 5 off so technically have never required a Thai DL they are worth <deleted> all anyway.

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