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Does anyone know what beef cattle are selling for ? 


A little back story, girlfriend has been buying 6 cattle each year for the last 3 years at an average of around 24000 then keeping them for a year and selling them for on average around 42000. This year the gentleman came in Feb as the last 3 years and offered basically not much more than she paid the year before.


Are cow prices down in Thailand ? The internet search I find is prices seem steady. 


Any my info would be appreciated.








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We rear a few beef cattle ,and we  are looking to sell a few , and  knowing the markets , today talking  to   a cattle dealer ,they has not been that much  movement in cattle  prices ,the price will be going down ,when we do not know .

Breed  of cattle  has an  influence  on the price ,any thing with  Charolais,or  Angus blood in will hold they price ,but problem with Thailand  is these cattle with the long  ears ,all Indo-Brazil  crosses ,you can not get them fat   ,they will grow up  ,but not out ,crossed with a  Thai native/Brahman ,you can get something  half  decent.

Thai way of buying  cattle is on a per kg  ,basis ,now the price is about 130-135  kg ,that would be for something  half decent ,that price would be worked on ,say a 400 kg  beast  130x400=52 000 Baht, then thay woul take off 50%,,for hide , head ,bone  ect ,giveing you a price of  about 26 000 baht , these   thin things you see  grazing   road sides   ,some will only  make 85-90 baht/kg .

So, without looking at you cattle  a job to say ,if for this  batch  she brought  some long eared things ,and not  more of a cross breed ,problem could be they ,or has she been  cutting back on feed ,cattle just not growing  like before ,for me feed prices have not gone up much  over the past year .

But  the first thing I would do is to  find  another buyer   and compair  prices ,has she got set in her ways ,and  been using the same buyer  all the time. Post a photo or   two  and we  can  see what we are  talking about .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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Thanks for the reply, they look like a Brahma mix and I'm pretty sure they have never been weighed gentlemen just comes out and gives a price.


All I have is last years bunch right before they sold for 40000 each he handled all the transporting, she seems to make sure they are fed well and probably didn't make a profit after food costs.


I asked her to go to the auction to compare prices but that probably made to much sense lol.



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Looking at those photos , nice looking cattle ,and well fed  the breeds are mixed ,a Brahman  cross , some Thai  Native , and  some Indo ,blood in there , but now days  finding  beef cattle without any Indo blood not easy .


Thay are certainly well fed ,I  think  I would agree  with you  not a lot of profit to be made   after feed cost taken out , I would say  she would be like a of Thai's rearing cattle,buys in everything,concentrate, rice straw,minrales ,ect .and dose not produce anything  herself ,  ie  going out and cuting grass?, or growing any grass ( unless I am wrong ) .

As I said find another buyer , or  two and compare  prices ,as for auction ,it dose not work  like it dose in our countries ,look on  this page of TV some one asked  about  selling buffalos  the  auction  comes up    ,same thing applys  to cattle .  


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