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Apartment with good internet required

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7 hours ago, newnative said:

   All 3 condo suggestions I gave to the OP have at least 1000 units.  On Hipflat they each have over 100 listings of condos for rent.  Granted, some of the listings are duplicates and some are for 2 bedrooms but a quick glance at the listings showed a number of choices for 1 bedrooms for 20,000 Baht or less.  If the OP is interested in any of the condo projects that I mentioned, it's up to him to take it from there and look for the condo himself--using Hipflat, other websites, on-site rental offices, real estate agencies, and so on.  But, yes, let's move on. 

20,000 baht or less short term for at least 34sq.m?


A lot of words but not even a single link showing 20,000 baht for a short term rental for at least 34sq.m.


Seriously, it's boring now. I understand that you don't have any links to back up your assertion for it being easily found. Let's drop it.


34 sq.m for a one bedroom apartment is a joke anyway. Pattaya is hardly Hong Kong or London.


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