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Video: Brilliant police work as cop calms knifeman and it ends in a big hug

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I agree the ending could have been bad in general in another country particularly my home U.S., but I have also been here long enough to know a pad on the back or hug from the guy isn't enough.


I agree, mental observation is needed in this case but while that is happening they need to review his past and if he has no past criminal history relating and determine mentally fit, then some form of minor charges need to be made. A form of punishment that this type of behavior is unacceptable to solve one's problem. Probation, behavior modification? If determine unfit, the of course get him help. Of course a hug is good but it is a short term solution :post-4641-1156694606:

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Good outcome... This time.

Recently saw a video of a group of bib out in the country trying to talk an agitated knife man into surrendering peaceful when he suddenly charged and the negotiater tripped backwards and was stabbed to death.

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