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Cha-am, anywhere to rent a motorbike taxi with a sidecar or similar?

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so I have to send some stuff at the post office,

a 32" monitor, some computer stuff in big enough boxes (about 4-5 boxes at most)


i show up at the post office on Ruamjit in Cha-am.. and he looks at me like I'm an idiot for showing up there.. tells me he can't do it. fails to explain why (something about boxes)

tells me to go to Narathip. issue is. it's about 4km away and I'm not walking there or doing 5 runs with the motorbike taxis


I would rent a taxi or someone with a sidecar (or even any thai truck) for like 5 minutes but i'm afraid that I don't know anyone who has any of these.

I have about 4 days to send that stuff before moving..


Logispost from the post office can do up to 200kg of stuff for 2400 baht.. and I'm sending maybe 20kg. called up some door-to-door delivery company and they quoted almost 3000 baht price to ship 2 boxes out of 5


so if anyone knows anyone with a pickup or a sidecar in the Cha-am area, that would be helpful. it's a 10 minute job at most but have to be done before I move out on Friday

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