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Fishery industry faces acute labour shortage

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Good news for the Ocean while they try figure it out.

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2 hours ago, DavetheGreek said:

Yes and that's why the worlds stock of fish is so depleted.

That's bs mate.


Here our fishermen have to follow rules and the government inspects the fishstocks and daily catch all days long. 


Those big fishingvessels go worldwide though, also to countries where the rules are less strict enforced.


But what's the difference if a load of fish is caught by 500 small ships or just 1 big vessel?? It's the same amount of fish but the big vessel used a lot less fuel to catch it and probably also threw less plastic in the water.


The big vessel can freeze the fish within minutes after being caught, the small boats have all kind of tricks to cool/keep it fresh but that's still not frozen. 


When i buy seafish in Thailand i always wonder how many days before it was caught. I buy fish from the Kaoshiung Maru though which is a japanese fishingvessel that delivers to Tops. I trust the japanese the most for fish quality

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8 hours ago, fruitman said:

Well maybe it's time to introduce Thailand 4.0 to the fishermen.


A European fishingvessel with a crew of 10  can catch the same amount as 500 Thai...And they also can freeze the fish within minutes after being caught and gutted.

Catching fish on larger ships saves a lot of fuel.



A valid point, but on the European vessel only 10 people earn a living (and 490 sit at home waiting for the dole); on the Thai vessel, 500 earn a living and nobody sits at home waiting for a handout...

What exactly is your point? 

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