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BANGKOK 19 October 2018 22:47
Jonathan Fairfield

Belgian tourist's death on Koh Tao - police deny several online rumors

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Belgian tourist's death on Koh Tao - police deny several online rumors



Image: Thairath


Koh Tao police have refuted several online rumors circulating around the death of the Belgian tourist found hanged on the controversial island in April.


As the results of an autopsy were revealed police have said there is no truth to online suggestions in news media that the body was ravaged by animals and covered in t-shirts.


They also denied that her travel bag had shown up in Chumpon on the mainland.


But they have confirmed that there had been a fire at the bungalow where she was staying some time before she was found dead on the other side of the island.


Elise Dallemange aged just 30 was found hanging from a tree at Tanote Bay, Thai Rath reported. 


Chokchai Sutthimek of the local police said that an autopsy confirmed that she had died from suffocation consistent with hanging.


She was is thought to have died on the 23rd or 24th of April.


The police have been in touch with the Belgian Embassy and Elise's mother was coming to collect what remained of her personal effects.


Chokchai said that the staff at the bungalow's where Elise was staying are to be interviewed again.


He said there had been a fire in the bungalow where she stayed that caused panic in the resort.


Elise herself had run out of the detached bungalow, then some time after disappeared.


Police think that the fire was caused by a candle or a lantern. The Ao Mae Hat bungalow owner decided not to press charges.


Chokchai said that there was evidence that she had planned to leave for Bangkok on the 24th via boat to Chumporn.


He said that her bag was not found there and searches of left luggage have turned up nothing.


Online rumors about animals eating parts of her body and it being covered in t-shirts were similarly not true, he said.


Earlier in the week The Samui Times had called Koh Tao "Death Island" after several high profile murders, deaths and apparent mysteries connected with the holiday haven.


Many of those have been young people and this most recent death is sure to stir up yet more comment about the island.


A resident this week defended the island but was roundly turned on by people on social media who screamed "whitewash".


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The culprits came from a close border, swam across and committed the crime - case closed.


More seriously, time to purchase some good CSI approved DNA investigation equipment and training, rather then spend billions the the US Made military crap...could save far more lives.


Maybe the European Union could wake up and walk down from it's throne in Bruxelles and ask Thailand for some clarifications?


In the meantime, girls, especially those travelling alone, should take extra caution and even avoid the area if possible....but that is IMHO... I'm sure the parents of this poor girl would think the same if they could travel back in time...


Deepest sympathy to her familiy and close ties.


Requiescant in pace©

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2 hours ago, baboon said:

I meet / have met a fair few on their way there. You would be astonished by the number who are aware of the killings but simply couldn't care less, I'm afraid. Nor could they care less about lining the pockets of any mafia figures - It's all about them and their enjoyment.


Those of you who think that travel warnings will make the slightest difference to Ko Tao's tourist demographic are very sorely mistaken, in my opinion. That is not to say they should not be issued...

Very sad for this girl deceased and the others and full respect and sympathy to the family,


But you are very true....people act often in patterns that just attract trouble...and when challenged, they tend to respond that it is their right to have fun, their right to wear a (fake) golden Rolex well visible in a dark lit street and to act ostentatiously as it is their right and thus if they are in trouble it's not their fault, they did nothing to attract it and it's the whole world to blame but not them....I exaggerate a bit but that is the general  dynamics, unfortunately......Do agree of course it is not their fault, but at some point it can attract trouble..

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