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Large Size Prints

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There's a shop in Kad Suan Kaew that can print poster size to a decent quality. It's either on the second or third floor but easy to find. As you enter from the main entrance go to the escalator and as you reach the second or third floor go straight and the shop which is open fronted will be a couple of yards to your left.

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Another, slightly outa the box option is to online  search "custom printed shower curtains."


You can upload ANY print/s  from the 'Net and have it transferred to fabric.


I did this:  (got three LARGE images on one curtain --I used a "photo collage" app to get them all on the same one curtain), had it shipped here, cut them out, and took them to a framing place to be stretched and glued-stapled onto internal frames.


They look great, and folks always want to know how/ where I got them!


Also, check out eBay (I filter with "free international shipping"), and have found massive prints/wall decals at a good price.


Hooe this helps.

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I wanted to mention once again: WALL DECALS.


They can be bought from Amazon, eBay, etsy, Lazada--you name it.


They are a good bargain when addressing large wall spaces, can be easily installed (use two people and a good leveler), don't damage walls, and can be removed, and reused.


The can also be totally customized via several online companies.


This could be a great option for you!




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On 30/06/2017 at 0:30 AM, DeputyDog said:

When I said prints, it's more like posters....


When you sent big size prints, I read it more like pints.  


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