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New Year's week Full Moon Party questions

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sunny17    10

Are any of the pool parties/jungle parties during FMP week held in Samui ?

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khunPer    2,440
14 hours ago, sunny17 said:

Are any of the pool parties/jungle parties during FMP week held in Samui ?

Some to my knowledge, but they may be in a bit hi-so places (i.e. higher priced than "normal" pubs); Beach Republic and Nikki Beach for example. I'm not sure if Beach Bar in Chaweng Noi has a pool, Ark Bar has pools, but they are usually closed at night, and I presume mainly for resident gusts' pool-party in daytime. But there might well be others that I don't know about, and probably also some parties for hotel guests only...

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sunny17    10

The most infamous of them in the samui-phangan area is the Coral Bungalows pool party in Phangan. 

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thaibeachlovers    8,971

. SO I shall be doing day trips on the following days - 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, and possibly a 1/2 day trip on the 25th (the party starts from evening). 


Here are my questions. 


1) Whats the best place to stay - I have a choice of Paradise Bungalow on Haad Rin OR a Hotel very near Thong Sala OR a hotel in Koh Samui (bo phut). Here are the Pros and cons - 

Paradise Bungalow - pros = that's THE place for the party. Cons = I have to go to Thong Sala by "taxi" every day I want to do day trips and then take ferry to Koh Samui (since all the day trips are from there, that too starting early in the morning)

Hotel in Thong Sala  - pros = 200 meters to pier, no "taxi" needed. Cons = far from party center + I have to take ferry to Koh Samui

Hotel in Samui - pros = Day trips are easy, no ferry needed. Cons = far from party. I wont have a way to return, if I had enough at 2 AM on the party night. 


As I haven't been to a FMP for many years, things will obviously be different now, but some things are always the same.

If you want to be a party animal stay in Had Rin. Hundreds of places to stay. Don't believe any BS about THE party place. Many places require a minimum stay of several days, and everything is far more expensive there.


You can stay other places on Phangan and there is transport to Had Rin from all over, some specifically for the party. Don't rent a m'bike. The road is very dangerous.


If you stay on Samui, Chaweng has big dance places every night, or anywhere really. Lamai is popular.

Whatever- DON'T use the speedboats. If the HadRin Queen is still running, that's the best way. Get it back in the morning. Otherwise the ferry from Nah Thon and a taxi to Had Rin.


if I had enough at 2 AM on the party night. 

What sort of party animal are you? If I can stay there all night, anyone can.

Just watch out for the ladyboys in the morning. They like guys with beer goggles, heh heh.


2) What are the best day trips from Samui? I am not into diving but want to do snorkeling. I want to go to Koh Tao (+ koh nang huan and/or koh tao) and do Zip line trips. Who is the best tour provider? I can book trips through Viator.com (for eg - https://www.viator.com/tours/Koh-Samui/Koh-Samui-Island-Cruise-and-Snorkel-Full-Day-Tour/d347-3685SMU26/important-info) but it doesnt tell me who the provider is. Is there any tour provider/operator, who would be willing to pick me up from Thong Sala pier?


I liked the day tour to the National park.

No need to use a tour provider to get to Tao.

Rainy season is not the best time of year for snorkeling- poor visibility. Koh Tao is where the divers hang out. It's a long trip from Samui, so you would do better staying overnight. If you go by Lomprayah, they stop there first on the way south from Bangkok.


3) whats the best way to get from Koh Samui to Krabi ? What are some of the top places to see in Krabi? What is the best tour provider/operator in Krabi, If I want to see Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. 


Flying is fastest, obviously, but the bus is scenic.

Top places- I don't have enough time to list them all. Google "top places to see in Krabi".

I wouldn't bother with a day trip to Lanta. Lovely place to stay though.



4) Whats the best way (aside of flying) to go from Khaosan Road to Koh Samui or Koh Phangan - between, Bus, boat and train or a combination of these. The first consideration is how early I shall reach (a 7 AM arrival is better than a 9 AM)


The second class AC sleeper ( lower bunk ) train to Surat Thani is the best way. Buses to the ferry meet the train. When you arrive depends on the time you leave. Many different trains. Different ferries depending where you want to go. Fast boat gets there quicker than the car ferries.

If you want to get there at dawn take the slow boat from Surat Thani the night before, if it's still running.


Don't take any Khao San tourist bus unless you want your gear stolen from the baggage hold.

Only exception is Lomprayah. Bus and fast catamaran from Chumporn. Keep anything valuable/ passport/ money on your body, however you travel.


5) Are there any overnight buses from Phuket to Bangkok?


Of course. Government buses leave from the Phuket Bus Terminal


Which is the best? Also Whats the best way to go from Koh Samui to Phuket


Same as going to Krabi.




6) is it easy to get taxi's in Koh Pahagnan? Do they run from Morning till Midnight - between Thong Sala and Paradise Bungalows? I dont want to rent cycles or bikes. 


Always songtheaws at the pier. Probably have to negotiate price. Dunno what time they stop at night.

If you stay on Phangan, many resorts provide transport to the party.

Cycling to Had Rin- LOL. The hill is a killer and it's stonking hot.


7) are there lots of street dogs in Koh Phangnan? I am scared of dogs. Will they cause problems during the Full moon parties?


Never noticed any when I visited, but now, I dunno.

Soi dogs don't normally bother people- too lazy. If worried carry a big rock and they will run away if you wave it at them. I carry a long piece of pipe if there are dogs around.


8) is there anything to do in Koh Phagnan besides the full moon party? snorkeling? Bike trips around the island? Are there any Day trip "tour operators" in Phangnan or are all from Samui?


LOL. There are tour operators everywhere- it's a tourist island.

BTW. the point of a beach holiday for most is NOT to do anything, but there's plenty to do if you want. Google is your friend.

Bike trip- probably, but IMO a good way to get maimed by mad drivers and big trucks.


WARNING. Don't buy illegal drugs at the party. The guys selling the drugs will dob you to the cops, and the cops love to arrest stupid westerners that buy drugs.

If you want to drink buckets, better have a buddy around.


I loved hanging out all night on FMP nights. I don't know if they still have a quiet end of the beach, but back then, after I had enough of the madness I'd go to the quiet end and lie on the sand and watch the moon and pass slowly overhead. Bit like Richard.

Nothing quite like seeing the dawn come up on Had Rin beach- amazing indeed.


Also very entertaining seeing the ladyboys take drunk guys into the bushes for a quicky, then sprint off down the beach, with the guys cash, LOL.








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