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Hua Hin students wowing tourists as they act as interpreters for the police

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Surely this wont replace gumps in quasi-paramilitary fancy dress with "me pay bar you" linguistic levels?

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95% of Thai students can hardly speak ENGLISH
Really want to be a fly around in that police station to see how they deal with the other languages......


At the other hand, they should oblige every cop who deals with tourists at least speaking some

decent English since tourism is a major income stream in TH !  Too much SHIT happens in LOS

between cops and tourists as they dont understand each other...

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When I visited Japan in 83 there was somewhat similar program for students of English to practice skills acting as guides in Nara. They were English majors, one was fond of J D Salinger novels, as I recall. The guides weren't there just to help with police, and service was free (I did buy the two young ladies lunch, however).

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1 hour ago, LoongJohn said:

I'm sure they mean well, but have the students learned to say 'I'm sorry, I don't understand' without losing face? It is typical of earlier generations to give the assurance 'Leave it to me, I can fix it!' when they haven't a clue what they're doing, but then they can't back down without suffering humiliation, sometimes risking a disaster. More information is required.


How many cops would feel embarrassed (lose face) by having to listen to an M4, M5 school girl explain something to them?

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