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METV Visa hotel reservation requirement

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Getting ready to submit my application for an METV visa (USA Los Angeles consulate) and the requirements list a hotel reservation. I am staying with my brother who lives over there now with his Thai wife. Do I need to put an extra paper in there that indicates that?


He is already listed as my thai signateur with the same address that I say I'm staying at, not sure if that's enough.

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A statement from your brother or his wife that you will be living with them will be needed.

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I applied 3 times for METV.  I got them everytime. Everytime they required hotel reservation. But point is, that you don't have to show reservations for a whole 6 months. So everytime (3 times) I just booked hotel in Bangkok for 2 - 3 days, where I will be staying after arriving to Thailand. And it was enough for them! Book cheap hotel for 3 days (~1500 baht) and no more hasstle. Easiest solution.


TIP:: Everytime I applied for a visa I also wrote them a letter. And submited it with all the paper work. Letter explaining why I'm going to Thailand. What are my plans. My itinerary etc. (This letter is not required). And they totally loved it (atleast Thai embassy in my country). Thanks to this letter I got away with things you wouldn't believe. For example for METV ticket out of country is required (which is basically the law). I explained, that I'm meeting friends in Thailand. And only after that we will chosse day and flight out of the country. Based on that I got METV without ticket out of a country. Letter will help more than anything else.


Write them letter, explain situation in details, explain your plans. Show them booking of hotel for 3 days and in letter explain, that after that you are staying with family. They will be happy, that you have some hotel reservation. So their backs are covered. And they will also understand what's going on.

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