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"Waterfront" condo purchasers in Pattaya could see some developments later this month

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24 minutes ago, newnative said:

       Agree.  City Hall was all for it.  I'm still not getting the supposed 5000 sqm overbuild and the possible unit discrepancy of over 100 rooms.   From the beginning, the project's been called 'Waterfront Suites and Residences'.  Why would they call it that if it was just condos?  There's always been the condo component in the tower and the hotel part in the low wing on the other side of the building's bridge.   I really don't think the developer would build 100 unauthorized rooms knowing, at the end of construction, the building would be inspected and would need to get an occupancy certificate. 

I can't provide precise details, but originally the building was only a condo.  The hotel only came into the equation when Park Plaza bought the project in, I think, 2011.


The low block was originally about 40 units, mostly one bedroom units. Park plaza changed this into 100 rooms of "hotel room" size.  There was also some changes in the high block, but I am not sure what.  Somewhere in these changes came the overbuild.


Whether the overbuild is as much as 5000 square meter I am not sure. As I said in an earlier post I have never seen an authoritative source for this.  I do know that there are some issues over usable and unusable floor space, but the details I do not know.  It is just possible that some of the overbuild is technical. 


I am not 100% sure of everthing I have said, but I am not far out.

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