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New immigration boss vows deep investigation of expats

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New immigration boss vows deep investigation of expats

By Boonlua Chatree



Pol. Col. Songprode Sirisukha is the new Chonburi Immigration chief.


CHONBURI: -- The newly appointed head of the Chonburi Immigration Office said anyone applying for long-term visas would be thoroughly investigated.


Pol. Col. Songprode Siri­sukha was introduced as the new Pattaya area immigration chief June 27. Pol. Maj. Satawat Srirattanapong was named deputy in the annual reshuffle.


Songprode told his new staff he intends to dedicate his work and commitments toward the security of visitors to Pattaya and the surrounding areas.


Part of that will be ensuring that those on long-term visas are safe to have in the country. Therefore, people who are requesting a long-stay permit will be thoroughly investigated for the safety of the community and the nation, he said.


Full story: http://www.pattayamail.com/news/new-immigration-boss-vows-deep-investigation-expats-179907

-- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2017-07-07

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4 minutes ago, animatic said:

New guy in the chair MUST say something big and show his strength. Yada yada yada.


Appearances are everything, and makes a good excuse for busywork.

And of course teamoney for the rank and file.... One of the few fluid things in life that flows up hill not down


Yada yada yada 55555555555555555 funny but true.

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20 minutes ago, darksidedog said:

I am interested to know how this is going to work. As an applicant will you be required to provide police reports from every country you have ever been in, to show you are not a criminal? I don't see that they have the resources to be able to conduct such international checks on every foreigner here.

So it is either just bullshit to make wrongdoers think twice about applying for visas here, or it is just bullshit to make Thai people think he is actually working. Either way, to me it still sounds like bullshit.

Interesting, back in Oz when I applied for my Mrs to get a permanent residency visa, she had to provide police checks from back in Thailand, this was again carried out when she applied for her Citizenship.


Perhaps they are catching with the rest if the world, no doubt if it isn't BS, we will have to provide them with some more paperwork, oh, dear, oh my...



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