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Phichit Governor: Zika outbreak under control

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Phichit Governor: Zika outbreak under control

Vipaporn Pooritanasarn




PHICHIT, 7 July 2017 (NNT) - The Governor of Phichit province has sought to allay concerns over the Zika virus, saying the Provincial Public Health Office and relevant agencies have combined their efforts to keep the mosquito-borne virus under control. 

Governor Wirasak Wichitsaengsi disclosed today that operations are underway to eliminate mosquito breeding habitats, and the local people have been cooperating with public health officials. 

He cautioned local residents not to panic, as the cases of Zika fever reported in Bung Na Ra district were relatively mild and none of the 11 patients had to be hospitalized. However, health officials are strenuously monitoring the condition of pregnant women, due to the possibility of fetal complications if they contract the infection. 

The Governor noted that news of the Zika virus has prompted locals to take better care of themselves and their communities. He visited Bung Na Ra district today to follow up on the situation and observe mosquito eradication operations there.



-- nnt 2017-07-08

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