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What makes 30-something single Thai women to seek "guys from 18 to 40 y.o."

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Main reason is to secure the woman's future. A lot of them at around 40-45 went through the cheating of Thai boyfriends at younger age. I know a few. So they all want security with a lump sum in the bank from sin sod. The latter I had long and agitated discussions about as it looks they, MiSo Bachelors in Bangkok, do not or are not willing to understand the principle of a 70% widow pension in case of. The missus wanted 2 mio in her bankaccount + 50K USD for daddy. And 20k monthly, before all the running and household costs. Finally I said no way and we broke up. She thought an Aussie guy would pay that, but I told that guy what she asked me for. On her 2nd trip to Australia she had the guts to ask the same, only dropped the 50K. The guy changed her return ticket so that she could fly back a week earlier. Stupid cow, and that all in the light of a current asset value of over 20 mio Baht. Some women will never get it.

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On Saturday, July 08, 2017 at 4:15 PM, seajae said:

many thai women prefer older western men because they are more mature than thai males(in most cases), thai men are still adolescent until their 30's and beyond. Thai men also find it hard to commit to one women, all this is from many female friends of my wife, I was amazed at how they all agree about thai males, there are some that are ok but they are as scarce as rocking horse sh*t.

Those women , understandably , failed to mention the 2 other important reasons they like older Farangs. More accomodating in financial terms and less demanding sexually.

I am 57 and I am certain that my good features , allied to the physical attributes of a fit and handsome 35 year old , would make me a hell of a lot more popular with the ladies.

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If a 30+ Thai woman is looking for younger male it is very possible that she is married and/or she is just looking for fun.....or that she is not very atractive and its is willing to "sponsor" a younger male for companion.

situations are very common in Thailand, more than Westerners can imagine. A beautiful Thai woman over 30, single, and interested in a steady relationship will always look for an older man and with means to offer a confortable liffe.... and better if its a foreigner. Young Thai men, poor or rich, single or married, have the reputation to always looking for a new lover, and not to be responsible in keep a stable family relationship.

is very common to  older and wealthy Thai men  keeping many lovers and even having other family, with the knowledge and consent of everybody around. Wives, family members and friends.

Poligamy is part of the Thai culture from centuries, like the common believe that women over 40 is not suitable for sex anymore.....even if a lot of Thai women after that age are a lot more younger looking and beautiful than Western women. Ironically, Thai men are very jelous, and will react badly confronting wives or lovers cheating at any age.

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Of course Thai Ladies prefer old Farangs.
How else could it be, that they gang up on old Farangs, asking them "You buy me lady-drink?"
They never ask a Thai-chap for a lady-drink.
A clear indication of who they love more!

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On 7/9/2017 at 9:10 AM, Peterw42 said:

Interesting observations OP,  I think there are some basic Thai cultural things that come into play. Thailand basically has a respect for elders thing built into the culture, language etc, in general they are less ageist. Big age differences in relationship are reasonably common, trust security etc being more important. 


There appears to be a magic age of 34 where a Thai woman seriously thinks she has missed the boat, and while 20 years older was always an option, 20 years younger gets added to possible partners. 


I experienced this in Australia 4-5 years ago, on dateing sites etc, most women were listing a preference for 10-15 years younger, at age 50 this meant I would have been dating 60-65 year old woman.

Sixty five year old females are like the center of Australia , everybody knows where it is but nobody wants to go there. The 

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