Video: Freak accident as cyclist killed in tour bus accident at Cha-Am beach.

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59 minutes ago, Peterw42 said:

Yes, I would agree with what you say, but in this instance there is no footpath its a shared space, to a certain extent the cyclist is riding on the pavement and the pedestrian is on the road, in a shared space they both have a duty of care to avoid each other, appropriate speed etc.

The bike hits the pedestrian, not the other way round.

what speed do you estimate she was doing that would not be "appropriate"? Others here have also referred to her "speeding", "charging along"... what utter nonsense. She is going no faster than her companion and he is free-wheeling! 😂😂

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3 hours ago, Eli1 said:

A pedestrian is not traffic especially one that just comes out on to a road with out looking


This is Thailand , a pedestrian is just one of the many dangers you face on the narrow roads here.  As a cyclist you need to be aware of your sorroundings at all times.

I am out with my bike almost daily and the first thing I did was to buy mirrors for my electric bicycle.  You need to focus 100% .  

If a bus comes from behind I just slow down . If I see a crowded soi with lots of people walking around I slow down .  TIT. 







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