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BANGKOK 11 December 2018 02:21

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Thai National auditing on behalf of international company

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I'm making an enquiry on behalf of my partner who will begin contracting for an Australian company as an independent auditor.   
Per the contract she is required to take out personal indemnity insurance.  
For the most part most work will be done within Thailand, but there is a high probability that she will be doing this business outside of Thailand as well throughout SE Asia and the Maldives.   The extract from her contract stipulates the following;
1 Insurance 1.1 Required insurance The Contracting Party must maintain at his/her own expense proper professional indemnity insurance to an amount not less than two million dollars ($2,000,000) in relation to the provision of the Services.
Also a can anybody refer me to a person who is able to give assistance in establishing a company or sole trading enterprise for a Thai national?  Thai or English speaking is fine.  
Thank you  

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Contact an insurance broker, e.g. our sponsor here AA Insurance.

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