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Searching Laptop repair store

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SirHugo    2

Hi guys,


My step daughters 6 year old Samsung Laptop crashed during the last Windows 7 update. And now it is not starting. Just the fan starts for few seconds (with monitor black) and then power off again. I've tried already to do hard resets of the BIOS but it seems that the hard drive is not starting.


Does anyone of you know a good laptop repair store, preferably City area or southern of Chiang Rai (coming from MaeLao) or are the shops in Central Plaza good and fair?


Thanks for your tips.




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JamJar    483
Posted (edited)

What is a "hard reset of the BIOS"?  Do you mean apply defaults and exit?


What's the full model number?


You can first try taking the RAM modules out and cleaning them with a rubber eraser. Try to boot with one in and and one out, including swapping them around if necessary. If still no go, change the CMOS battery.



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pomchop    1,444

there is a good shop on the road that runs along the back side of the public hospital...can't remember the name but somebody on here will likely know and provide it...i used them several times over the years with good results and fair prices...one of the repair guys speaks good english if u need...


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sceadugenga    1,839

The main Technocom shop near the big Market/Overbrook  has dealt with my PC problems in the past.

The service charge to check it last week was 300B.

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