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Some tourist visa holders being asked to show 20,000 baht in CASH when entering Thailand

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6 hours ago, TomJoad said:

I wonder how the airlines feel about it. Aren't they the ones who have to foot the bill for a return ticket whenever one of their passengers are denied entry?

Less than 2000 people denied entry last year, out of 30 odd million.


Most of them turned away at land borders.


Doubt the airlines are too concerned.

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10 hours ago, Briggsy said:

Not necessarily. The priority inward immigration is only available for business class passengers on certain airlines that have an agreement with Suwannaphum Airport. Outbound business class passengers all pass through the priority lane irrespective of airline. An example of an airline that does not have an agreement is Sri Lankan Airlines. Business class passengers must pass through the normal immigration channels.


You can buy a fast track / priority lane pass from Bangkok Flight Services regardless of how you travel or which airline you use.


1950 Baht gets you an electric cart from the gate, express immigration and a luggage handling porter to take you and your cases to your transport.


Check it out : https://www.bangkokflightservices.com/home/bfs-services/premium-airport-services/


My mother used this a few days ago, it works just fine every year when she comes out here for the winter.

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