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10 hours ago, tonray said:

It will however, make you race to find the HongNam

Yes, if you drink the a kid i remember it was the goods for constipation.

One treatment was all it took..i never ever told my parents again if i was constipated..foul tasting stuff!


The exhaust fumes smell from race vehicles on the other hand is a real treat.

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14 hours ago, EricTh said:

They thought it is Castrol oil and not Castor oil.

Unlikely that a pharmacist or health food store would think one was asking for motor oil?


14 hours ago, EricTh said:

Castrol oil is an engine oil used for motorbikes,

Castor oil is/was also used in motorcycles. One can still buy it in small motorcycle parts stores. It comes in 60ml bottles. I wouldn't consume it though.


Just to muddy the waters! Castrol A747 is a CASTOR/SYNTHETIC engine oil.


OP take a photograph with you.



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